Graphtec Craft ROBO Pro plotter/cutters


  • Built-in control panel and LCD menu display for quick access to advanced settings and controls
  • Cutting speed, force, and offset value can be pre-programmed for each of the materials you cut
  • Maximum cutting width of 14.8 inches
  • Maximum speed up to 16 inches per second
  • Maximum cutting force up to 300gƒ
  • Includes Graphtec's exclusive Automatic Registration Mark Sensor, which enables the cutter to detect registration marks printed on many kinds of media, then automatically contour cut around the printed image
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Craft ROBO Pro is a desktop sized cutting plotter ideal for a compact and portable cutting solution. Based on Graphtec’s CE5000 series of professional cutting plotters, the Craft ROBO Pro is perfect for all kinds of media cutting applications including vinyl, heat and image transfers, contour cut (die cut) stickers, labels, wrappers, gift/hang tags, scrapbooking, package design mock-ups, architectural modeling, stencil cutting for paint, sandblast and etching masking plus more.

The Craft ROBO Pro cutting plotter is ideal for decorative media and heat transfer applications, personalized gift packaging, graphic design packaging mock-up, card making and many more products. With Craft ROBO Pro, you can produce high quality, custom apparel graphics and personalized gifts with minimal investment. Use Craft ROBO Pro to produce packaging samples and custom one-off or short run print and cut (die cut) labels and stickers.

Craft ROBO Pro

Graphtec Craft ROBO Pro Cutters
Item # Description
CraftRoboPro Graphtec 15" Cutter with RMS $1,095.00

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