Flexi™ Family Software

New version 10 Features

  • Ink estimation: Estimate how much ink each job will use.
  • Smooth Shadow: Smooth shadow allows you to apply transparency effects to shadows for smoother, softer edges.
  • Contour Cut Nesting in Production Manager: Now you can nest contour cut jobs right in Production Manager. Add jobs with multiple contour paths from 3rd party applications directly and eliminate the extra steps.
  • Send to Sign Tracker: Send a thumbnail of each print job from Flexi directly to Sign Tracker, SAi's business management software. Now you have visual proof for every invoice you generate.
  • Advanced pdf support: A link option has been added to the import dialog for Adobe® PDF files. Linking the PDF file will ensure the proper colors are used from the original file.
  • Unlimited Split lines: Add, delete, and move split lines for maximum flexibility. Place split lines anywhere-in between letters, besides lines of text, even place multiple lines across large objects. Plus, delete descreet lines in small spaces.
  • Viny color nesting: When a vinyl-cutting job calls for more than one color, Flexi 10 will nest each color seperately.
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The industry standard for Sign Making software, SAi's Flexi™ Family 10 continues to offer your sign making business innovative tools with very profitable results.  By integrating finely tuned technology with years of feedback, Flexi Family 10 maintains its status as the number one choice for dependable, feature-rich Sign Making software with uncompromising quality.

The Flexi™ Family 10 sets a new industry standard with robust new features geared toward maximizing production, all while striving to create a sustainable future. Flexi excels as on a one stop software solution with a wealth of industry-specific design tools, thousands of drivers to run cutters, printers, and hybrids, all wrapped in an intuitive easy to use interface. FlexiFamily 10...the leading software for sign making!

Flexi 8.6

SAi Flexi™ Family Software
Item # Description
Flex-W-FSPRO10 FlexiSIGN-PRO (Windows) $4,295.00
Flex-W-Flxprnt-Srvr FlexiSIGN-SERVER (Windows) 3,495.00
Flex-W-FE10 FlexiEXPERT (Windows) 2,295.00
Flex-W-FS10 FlexiSIGN (Windows) 1,695.00
Flex-W-FlexiPrint FlexiPRINT(Windows) 1,595.00
Flex-W-FL10 FlexiLETTER (Windows) 995.00
Flex-W-FD10 FlexiDESIGNER (Windows) 995.00
Flex-W-FlexiStarter FlexiSTARTER (Windows) 395.00

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