If you need hardware service or software support, contact our Gregory Technical Service group at 800.835.2221 or email to materials@gregory1.com


The Gregory Technical Service Group has the experience and knowledge to help keep your printer working like new!

  • All Gregory Service Technicians are factory trained and certified by Mutoh to service all Mutoh equipment.
  • Our technicians have knowledge of industry leading RIP and Design software to help you run your jobs efficiently

Gregory Technical Services include:

  • Initial Printer Installation
    • This could include on-site or phone supprted printer installation. We take you from set-up to print-ready and never leave you stranded with non-functioning printers. Some of Mutoh's printers are easily installed by our customers and with our phone support, you save money by not paying for an on-site installation.
  • Mutoh Extended Warranty
    • After your printer is up and running, we dedicate ourselves to making sure you get the most out of this new investment. GREGORY and/or Mutoh's approved service provider will come to your shop to make any warranty repairs

  • Non-Warranty Repair
    • After your warranty period is over, you may still want to keep your Mutoh printer running. If you have repair needs, please remember that GREGORY offers an on-site or phone repair service for a very reasonable rate.

  • Mutoh Sponsored Sales
    • One of the greatest reasons to be a Mutoh customer, other than their Trade Product of the Year printers, is that they are always looking for unique ways to offer value deals for the customer. Whether you are looking to purchase a digital printer right now or in the future, it is always wise to check with our Mutoh Sales team to see what specials are being offered. Just give us a call at 800.835.2221 and we will e-mail you the latest sales offer.

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