Graphics Production Facility

Production Capabilities

Cutting DepatmentFlatbed PlottersThermal Die Cutting

Gregory's experienced cutting department is among the finest in the nation.

Cutting & Finishing Capabilities

Computer Cut Graphics

Our computer cutting capabilities allow us to fabricate lettering, logo reproductions and vector based images using our amazing array of adhesive backed solid color vinyls and special effects films. Graphic elements up to 58 inches by 150 feet can be cut as a single piece. Large designs can be panelled to create spectacular designs for both interior and exterior applications.

Thermal Die Cutting

Our thermal die cutting is a fast and economical way to “kiss cut” high volume runs of solid color or printed vinyl graphics. The high temperature magnesium die works with heat and pressure to meet your precision requirements for images up to 32 inches by 92 inches.

Steel Rule Die Cutting

Our steel rule die cutting allows us to cut completely through high volume runs of light rigid, semi-rigid and flexible material up to 30 inches by 40 inches. These materials include, but are not limited to, cardboard, adhesive backed vinyls, polyethylene, polycarbonate, styrene, PVC sheet and various foams. Speed and accuracy are guaranteed every time.

Digital Cutting and Routing

Our digital cutting/routing flatbed table provides the precision answer to shape cutting rigid and semi-rigid substrates, whether printed or not, up to 1 inch thick and 60 inches wide.

Custom Striping

Our custom striping equipment allows us to produce stock and custom vinyl adhesive backed striping from ¼ inch to 47 ½ inches wide. Custom striping allows us to produce any combination of vinyl materials and colors on a single release liner. This custom striping can be produced in rolls or sheets based on your application needs. Custom striping from GREGORY saves you application time and labor.


Our finishing departments provide a variety of finishing options for your graphics. We thermal weld, sew, grommet, weed, sheet, punch, laminate, package and custom fabricate to meet your needs. We have designed one of a kind installation solutions for unique application scenarios. Some call it finishing, we call it partnering. You get the job you need done the way you want it. Next time you call, ask about our “stuffed” banners.