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PrINTING Capabilities

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Gregory has an extremely diverse variety of printing capabilities to match your needs.

Printing Capabilities

Solvent Inkjet

Our digital printing facility includes a collection of state-of-the-art roll-to-roll and roll-to-sheet solvent inkjet digital printers. Printers like our HP Scitex XL1500's and HP 9000's, coupled with solvent printers from Vutek guarantee you the right printer to meet your specific needs. Our equipment includes printers capable of printing up to 10 feet wide seamless graphics, limited in length only by the length of the media’s production roll. From high speed, economical prints ideal for temporary and promotional applications to high quality graphics with resolution up to 720 X 720, we are prepared to impact your visual needs. From full solvent to eco-solvent inks… from 3M Matched Component Systems to extended warranty products from almost every major vinyl and media manufacturer, we are the proven provider of unmatched quality. Your fleet graphics, custom wall paper, banners and POP will never have looked better.

Latex Printing

Our latex printers are one of the newest editions to our printing capabilities in our facility. These latex printers were designed with the environment in mind, and they offer us a compelling new printing alternative for a wide variety of outdoor and indoor applications. This technology provides durable, odorless prints, with extremely vivid image quality and application versatility. Our latex prints deliver long-lasting, durable prints that withstand the elements in an outdoor application. The latex inks that are used are waterbased provide many of the benefits of solvent-ink technology without the environmental concerns.

UV Inkjet

Our UV Flatbed Printers allow us to print extraordinary detail and color directly onto virtually any rigid, thick, or specialty media, including glass, wood, acrylic, metals, foam board, rigid PVC sheet corrugated plastic and MDO. We can also print on flexible, roll-fed material such as vinyl, paper and banner stock with exacting detail up to 1270 X 800 d.p.i. Our ability to print white makes it possible for us to achieve the highest color fidelity when printing onto transparent or colored materials. UV Flatbed Printing is ideal for production of retail, POP, promotional, event, exhibit and courtroom graphics in sheet sizes up to 10.5 feet by 6.5 feet and up to 2 inches thick. UV inks contain no V.O.C.’s so you can be confident the printing we do for you on this equipment has a very low environmental impact.

Aqueous Inkjet

Our aqueous printers are examples of the finest aqueous printers on the market. Their ability to print almost photo like and fine art reproduction quality prints with up to 1200 X 2400 optimized DPI resolution gives your brand amazing graphic impact. These prints are designed for indoor applications where exposure to the elements is limited. Our 8-color print technology, when matched with selected media and ink, can produce Gicleé quality prints up to 60 inches wide and exceed 100 year archival ink specifications. This process is your answer to high quality POP, retail, museum and fine art reproduction.

Thermal Transfer

Our 600 DPI thermal transfer printers are especially well suited for producing small single or multi-color adhesive backed decals from one up to long runs. These are ideal for OEM, retail and promotional applications.

UV Screen Printing

Our screen printing process is the right process for high volume production of spot and four color process graphics on either flexible or rigid substrates. Our screen printing capabilities include UV inks and clear coating capacity for producing small decals or complete semi-trailer wraps. For more than 50 years, we have supplied sharp, vivid screen printed graphics.