Gloss Photo Paper

High quality paper with photo quality output. Recyclable and biodegradable media. Compatible with OEM solvent and mild solvent ink.

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Trendfilm™ 2C 60/40 View - Gloss, Perforated Window Film

When applied to the outside of a window the perforations allow a person to look from the inside out as if the graphic wasn't there. When viewed from the outside it continues the graphic image applied to the walls or doors to give a beautiful continuous appearance. Can be applied to flat and simple curved surfaces.

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Trendfilm 2171 Removable Paint Mask, Yellow

Designed for flat surfaces as a paint masking stencil, spray paint or brush. PVC does not resist all solvents. Test your paint system prior to use.

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Trendfilm 6500 Premium Cast Vinyl

Price sensitive, premium grade vinyl. Designed for long term outdoor durability of electronically cut graphics, labels, high quality vehicle / fleet graphics, exterior signs, striping, window graphics, industrial and commercial graphics, banners and promotional graphics.

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5500 Engineer Grade Reflective Film

Trendfilm® 5500 Series Flexible Engineering Grade Reflective Film is manufactured for use as fleet markings, vehicle markings, commercial signs, stickers, decals, etc. More flexible that it's predecessor (5400), it can be applied to shallow curves and corrugated surfaces.

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2190 - White Sandblast Mask

2190 is designed as a sandblast mask for light sandblasting on glass. The extra 7.5 mil thickness makes this material very tough yet it can handle finely cut details. Use anywhere extra strength and abrasion resistance is needed.

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