Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to register in order to buy the products offered by Gregory, Inc.?

Gregory, Inc. serves Sign and Graphics Professionals by producing high quality graphics for resale and distributing sign making materials and supplies. We do not serve the general public or sell at retail. To protect our resale partners, we verify that you qualify as a Sign and Graphics Professional before you have access to our low wholesale prices and online ordering.

How do I sign in and register?

Click the "Sign Up" button in the “Sign Up for Savings” area on the Home Page. You will be taken to the form to fill out with your information. Complete the required fields and then click "Submit". You will receive an email confirmation once you are verified as a qualified reseller.

What kind of file formats do you accept?

The preferred file format is PDF (PDF/x-4:2008)

Other acceptable file formats are:

• AI





What is the minimum accepted resolution on art files?

We prefer a minimum print file resolution of 100 dpi and recommend a maximum resolution of 300 dpi. A printed resolution of 72 dpi can be visually acceptable if the viewing distance of the printed graphic is more than 20 feet.

Please click here to view our File Guidelines.

Will there be any color variation when my file is printed?

We regularly test the output of our printers and calibrate our printers to achieve a consistent quality output. However, this does not mean that a print will look exactly like it looks on your computer screen or that all colors will faithfully reproduce.

You can increase the probability of receiving acceptable colors if the color specified in a vector file is a Pantone Matching System (PMS) spot color. Our RIP software color management system will recognize the PMS designation and interrupt the color based upon profile(s) and reproduce the color as close as is possible. If your file has “critical” colors that must be matched exactly we do provide a color matching service. The cost for color matching is charged on a time and materials basis. Please contact a Customer Service Representative if you need this service.

If the file does not specify the colors as spot colors, but instead as CMYK values then the files are printed “as is” and the printed colors are more likely to shift from expected results.

If you submit a file in RGB, colors will shift when we switch the file to CMYK. This can also lead to loss of effects. We do check files before we print, but to ensure the highest quality of prints, please submit files in CMYK only. 

What happens if there is a problem with the file I submit?

Gregory will contact you if there is a problem detected with your file. You may choose the correct the problem and resubmit the file or we can correct the file for a fee.

Will I see a proof of my artwork before it is produced?

Our standard is to send a PDF proof for approval via email. You can decline the receipt of the PDF proof at the time you place your order.  The purpose of the PDF proof is to show what the design looks like. Please keep in mind this in only a low resolution image of the artwork that you submitted and it is not a proof to approve color. You must approve the proof before your order is put into production.

A press proof can be provided for a fee if you need to see an actual representation of what will be printed. Please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives to arrange for a press proof to be produced.

No actual production of the printed graphics will begin until there is proof approval received from you in writing.

What are the tolerances in the sizing of the finished printed graphic?

The size of the completed graphic can vary up to ¼” per foot of image in either or both directions. If the size of the printed image must be exact then Gregory must be informed of this in advance of beginning production.

Why is the printed graphic I receive in multiple pieces or seamed if it is a banner?

When the size of the graphic you need produced exceeds the size of the material to print on, the image will be broken into pieces in order to be produced. In the case of a banner we will then weld those pieces back together to deliver to you a one-piece banner. If the item is an adhesive vinyl or a rigid graphic, individual pieces will be sent. During the application or installation process the individual pieces will go back together and the image will line up. We will break images into pieces that achieve the most efficient use of materials.

Do you offer drop shipping?

Yes, you will need to contact a Gregory Customer Service Representative and specify that you want your shipment blind shipped or drop shipped.

What is the standard turnaround time?

Our standard production time is 2-3 business days from the time of proof approval. If a proof of any kind is declined, the order will go immediately into production. Rush services can be available depending on our production schedule. You will need to contact a customer service representative for more information on the costs involved with rush requests.

What forms of payment are accepted?

Gregory Inc. accepts all major credit cards. If you would like to pay with check, company checks are accepted, however production of your order will not begin until your check is received and deposited. An open account may be available to companies who qualify. Please contact a Customer Service Representative to make application for an open account.

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