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Striping For Fun & Profit

Studies show that 53.7% of the people who read this heading will read it incorrectly. It will be read as Stripping For Fun & Profit. Of that 53.7%, 26.2% will think about refinishing old furniture. The remaining...
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Dramatic Interiors and Exteriors

Custom graphics for building interiors and exteriors is a beautiful way to inspire with unconventional designs and visuals. We love showcasing work and flawless installs that our customers have created. The unique wall...
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When to Use Lower Grade Vinyl

Don’t Mess Around With Jim The late popular singer Jim Croce had an Album and a hit song titled "You Don’t Mess Around With Jim” In the song, there is some good "life advice.” "You don't tug on...
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How We Used LX SV480mC

Pedal to the Wall  OK, I freely admit it. I’m partial to 3M graphic materials. My bias is now on full display. Yes, there are other material producers out there that work well. Gregory, Inc. even distributes some...
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Hair Burning is a Thing

Hair burning is a thing. Yes, people do it to themselves. Don’t believe me? Watch this: My first reaction when I saw this was WHY?? My second thought was if you're going to do this; you had better have a...
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New Website Launch

We are excited to announce of Gregory, Inc's newly designed website. http://gregory1.com. We wanted to make it easier for our customers to browse our product lines, view color samples, and give you better offers.  We...
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Sign Up For Savings

Gregory only works with resellers of large and grand format signs and graphics. We are your strategic silent "Wholesale 2 Trade" partner. We verify you are a reseller before showing the low wholesale pricing on this website.