Digitally Printed Wallpaper

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Digitally printed wallpaper is creatively limitless. Turn your entire space into your canvas. 

Wallpaper Design Trends and Visual Inspiration

Creating the right atmosphere in a retail store can significantly impact customer behavior. We chose Dreamscape Suede wallpaper for this project. This printable vinyl wallcovering is a great choice for commercial grade projects. 

Dreamscape wallpaper

Commercial grade printable vinyl wallcovering media 

  • Optimal White Point for printing
  • Certification for scrubbability, tensile and tear
  • Class A fire rated and meets NFPA ratings for smoke development.


The designer of these visuals nailed the color psychology and sensory experience for shoppers of I Love Sugar.  Napa of Graphic and Art Studio trusted us with printing over 300,000 square feet of wallpaper for the first location in Myrtle Beach SC. 

Durable Commercial Wallcoverings

Temporary Wall Coverings 

  1. Commercial Wallcoverings
    Commercial wallcoverings are crafted for superior durability. They differ from typical wallpaper and are tailored to the specific requirements of public and high-traffic spaces. They are designed using thicker, heavy-duty materials that can withstand wear, scratches, and impacts. Safety is a top priority, with these wallcoverings often being fire-resistant to comply with stringent fire codes. They are practical also, being easy to clean and maintain, which is essential in bustling environments.  
  2. Temporary Event Wallcoverings 
    Removable wallpaper can be used to create custom backdrops, accent walls, or signage for events such as weddings, parties, or corporate gatherings. It allows for easy customization and branding.
  3. Temporary Retail Displays
  4. Retailers can use removable wallpaper to create eye-catching displays or to highlight seasonal promotions. It can be easily removed and replaced as needed. Tailor the shopping experience to individual customers as much as possible. This can include personalized recommendations, targeted promotions, and customized shopping experiences.
  5. Temporary Office Decor
    Businesses can use removable wallpaper to add color and personality to office spaces, or to create temporary workstations or meeting areas.

DreamScape Suede

High performance strippable commercial grade wallcovering

Wall Trendz

Removable and repositionable adhesive with matte finish


Textured Vinyl with Scratch Resistant Coating