Color Reproduction & Matching

We regularly test the output of our printers and calibrate our printers to achieve a consistent quality output. However, this does not mean that a print will look exactly like it looks on your computer screen or that specific colors can be reproduced.

You can increase the probability of receiving acceptable colors if the color specified in a vector file is a Pantone Matching System (PMS) spot color. Our RIP software color management system will recognize the PMS designation and interrupt the color based upon profile(s) and reproduce the color as close as is possible.

If the file does not specify the colors as spot colors, but instead as CMYK values then the files are printed “as is” and the printed colors are more likely to shift from expected results.

Our printers print in CMYK. A file created in the RGB color space is perfectly acceptable and can be printed, however color shifting can occur when the file is translated to CMYK by our RIP software. This can also lead to loss of effects. We do check files before we print, but to ensure the highest quality of prints, please submit files in CMYK. 

We do not guarantee any color matching or exact color print. We keep our equipment calibrated to offer the closest match possible to PMS colors which are called out in the file you provide, but slight color variations should be considered acceptable and will not be considered production mistakes. In the event you need to approve the actual color being printed, we can provide a printed proof for a nominal fee so you can see the actual color reproduction. Also, if a non-PMS color must be reproduced, we can provide a color match service with the fee charged based upon time and material used to achieve the match.

Additionally, if the same file is ordered again in the future it is likely the future order print will not exactly match, in all ways, the original order print. Printers and conditions change over time, new printers replace old ones, and an original print will fade. There should be no expectation that a file will have no discernible visual difference when purchased multiple times over the space of months or years.

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