Flex Face Print Designing

In our cabinet diagram below, the visual opening is 96" x 44" - Your design on your flex face should be able to be fully seen in the visual opening.
The entire cabinet is 100" x 48" with the 2" retainer on all sides. Your flex-face sign should be sized with additional material so that it fits inside your cabinet with the clip assembly inside. 

Most clipping systems require at least 6 inches past the visual opening, while yours might be different, make sure you are accommodating for that in your design, and when you are ordering, your full width and height of the flexface should include the extra material to allow you to clip in to your cabinet system.

Visual Opening is the viewable area inside the retainer. It can sometimes referred to as the live area. 

Retainer is a trim piece around the cabinet that hides the gap and clip assembly on a cabinet sign. Retainers are also for aesthetics of the cabinet. 

Cabinet Size is the overall outside measurement of the cabinet. *The outside measurement of your graphic should insure that it will sit in the cabinet correctly.

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