Sizing of Images

The sizing of completed graphics can vary from the size specified or the size denoted in your file by plus/minus ¼” inch per foot of the image. This means that an image specified as 4’ X 8’ can be completed at sizes ranging from 3’ 10” X 7’ 10” to 4’ 2” X 8’ 2”.  If the dimension is critical to finish at an exact size, this can often be achieved by computer cutting at an additional charge. 

In most cases, the printed output will not vary this much and will be very close to the specified size. However, instability in material or finishing restrictions can contribute to variances in finished sizes. For example, rigid materials that require routing to the finish cut will be the size requested less the amount of material cut away by the router bit.

As a rule, the file you supply should be full size and in proportion. If the completed graphic is over 20 feet in either direction the file can be proportionally downsized; the most common being 50%. If the file is downsized, the resolution needs to maintain a minimum of 100 dpi resolution.

If additional material is required beyond the finished visual graphic, it should be incorporated into the file size. Gregory, Inc. is not liable for not receiving enough margin material if it is not incorporated into your file. For example, you order a flex face with a visual opening of 10 feet by 10 feet, you want an additional 2 inches of the graphic to bleed all around past the visual opening, AND you want an additional 6 inches all around for attachment to a frame, your file should be set up at 11 feet 4 inches square. 

The square foot cost for the graphic will be based upon the total graphic surface area including margins and bleeds.

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