Written by: Gregory Staff

3M™ Wrap Film 2080 - Tips & Tricks

Changing the installation experience

3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080

All 3M™ Wrap Film Series 2080 gloss films have a conformable Protective Film Layer over the top film surface. The benefits for installers include:

  • Greatly reduces the surface impressions* in a finished goods roll. It remains on during installation, then is removed easily and cleanly after installation.
  • Scratches impressed into the Protective Film Layer will not transfer to the wrap film itself. 
  • High conformability, enabling installers to wrap complex, curved body panels without first removing the Protective Film Layer.
  • Lower friction, enabling installers to more easily slide squeegees and wrap gloves over the surface. 

When finishing installations around corners and panel edges, installers should peel the Protective Film Layer back several inches before tucking and performing their normal finishing. 

3M™ Knifeless Tape can easily cut through Series 2080 and the Protective Film Layer, meaning installers do not need to remove it before doing accenting and finishing cuts. 

*Surface impressions are commonly known as; hazing, blotchy and mottled appearance on gloss film. 

Installation Tips & Tricks: 

Leave on the Protective Film Layer for the entire installation, and remove before post-heating.

For best results with Series 2080, do not over-stretch material when conforming around curvature. 

3M does not recommend the use of a torch during installs with Series 2080. Heat guns are far less likely to haze or damage the material’s surface or gloss level. o If hazing occurs, the aid of a heat gun will bring the film back to its original gloss level. 

2080 can be installed utilizing the same standard installation techniques as Series 1080 and 1380 

3M recommends the use of a slip solution for best results during installation. Some examples of common slip solutions are: 

  • 3M Paint-Protection Film Installation Gel
  • Mixture of mild detergent & water 

Always post-heat wrap thoroughly after installation to prevent the material from lifting over time.

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