4 Markets Expected to Increase for Sign Shops


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Printed Signage Market to Rise from USD 42.0 Billion in 2023 
to USD 45.8 Billion by 2032

The printed signage market was led by the retail sector in 2022. Retail vendors are increasingly spending on advertising, including brick-and-mortar and e-commerce vendors. From interior to exterior advertising, signage has always been a critical part in communicating messages and atmosphere or emotion to deliver a brands message. Exterior retail signage is considered an essential kind of retail signage to create an engaging, up-to-date, and fresh invitation. ​ Retail signage can include anything from posters, banners, and backdrops to pop-up displays and graphics. 

Some avenues we anticipate growth in;

  1. Perforated Window Films
    One-way vision films are perforated and they facilitate the passage of light and visibility from the interior, while externally, the graphic or tinted surface hinders the view. Applications include windows of buildings, vehicles (such as buses, cars, and trucks), storefronts, and more. They are commonly employed for advertising, branding, privacy or decoration
  2. Wallpapers
    Contemporary wallpapers, enhanced by technological progress, enhance the ambiance of rooms or living spaces and offer a broad range of options, thereby fueling market demand and enabling consumers to select according to their preferences. Additionally, Housing.com highlights in February 2022 that wallpapers can effectively adorn ceiling surfaces, closets, door panels, and framed art to add vibrancy to homes. The versatility of wallpapers extends to areas characterized by clean lines and minimal curves, including table tops, mirror frames, picture frames, stools, chests of drawers, and open wall units.
    Simultaneously, the surge in restaurants, clubs, bars, and cafes worldwide contributes to the demand for commercial wallpaper, where it plays a crucial role in attracting customers and creating an ambiance of well-being and relaxation.
  3. Floor Graphics
    According to research by the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute, 64% of shoppers stop and engage when they see floor graphics. Not only do they notice, but shoppers stay longer in the featured product area. Products promoted with floor graphics and mats showed sales increases of 10% to 13%. For grocery, a brand can expect a 16% sales increase using floor graphics.

  4. BFSI, retail, transportation and logistics, healthcare, and other end-user verticals (sports and entertainment, etc.) are the end-users of printed signages. In 2022, the printed signage market was led by the retail sector. As the retail industry focuses on expanding and makes large investments in advertising and marketing, it is projected that the market for printed signs will continue to increase.