Backlit Flex Face Print & Design Inspiration


Backlit printing uses a layer of color ink, followed by a layer of white ink, finished with another layer of ink. The layered inks allow a backlit sign to come alive with vibrant illumination at night, and still look beautiful during the day.

Backlit film is a translucent material that is specifically designed for a display that will be backlit, like a lighted sign cabinet. It is durable enough to hold up to the weather, and has light diffusing properties, allowing light to pass through it.

We have created some stunning inspiration ideas for you on ways you can use the 3-layer ink solution to create beautiful sign graphics that look different during the day than at night.

We would also love to see some other ways using the light technology that this printing method works to captivate audiences and stand out.

It's Interactive

Watch the Chroma Shift


Why We Use White Ink?

Used as an underlay, white ink makes the colors printed on top of it pop and stand out. It adds vibrancy to your colors, resulting in prints that are appealing to the eye. As a business, attention-grabbing prints are essential, as they make your prints stand out in a crowd of other marketing materials.

White Ink printing creates a strong contrast between the illuminated graphics and the surrounding environment. This high contrast enhances visibility, making the images more noticeable even in dimly lit areas.

Backlit film printing is versatile and can be used in various settings, including indoor and outdoor displays, trade shows, airports, shopping malls, movie theaters, and more. Its ability to capture attention makes it an effective choice for marketing and promotional campaigns.