Gregory is Producing 3D printed Face Shields to Assist in COVID Crisis

Written by: Gregory Staff

Our 3D printer has been running non-stop making face shield bands. Gregory has partnered with several private entities and community volunteers to product face shields for first responders and medical staff in need of personal protective equipment. 

This is a Community Effort to tackle a Community Problem.

Community members, Teddy and Trysta Wisely are a first responder and occupational therapist. They saw the need for their co-workers and themselves, and formed this campaign.  As they say on their GoFundMe page, This is a Community Effort to tackle a Community Problem.



If you'd like to donate and help our first responders stay safe, go to

Campaign Update 
300! Today we delivered 145 completed Face Shields bringing our total completed and delivered to 300! (More waiting for quality checks but are nearly ready to go).

Today we delivered 105 Face Shields to the Wichita Police Department and 40 Face Shields to the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Department.
These will go to Patrol Officers, City Hall Security, and many others.

Just FYI, City Hall Security has to come face to face with every person who enters the building to check their temperature and help screen for infected people! They do an amazing job and will hopefully benefit from these face shields.