Hair Burning is a Thing

Written by: Mark Gregory

Hair burning is a thing. Yes, people do it to themselves. Don’t believe me?

Watch this:

My first reaction when I saw this was WHY?? My second thought was if you're going to do this; you had better have a professional do it. In any case, it looks like setting his hair on fire turned out OK for this young man.

This is my first ever blog post. I kind of feel like my hair is on fire. I’m starting to wonder why I agreed to do this. I’m not using a professional to help me either. I sure hope it turns out OK.

I’m not a writer. Writing is some of the hardest work I have to do. Even writing an email or a text message requires a lot of effort. It probably doesn’t help that I’m old too.

What I am is a guy that has spent all my life making signs and graphics. And for the last almost 40 years my focus has been to make signs and graphics for other sign companies as a Wholesale-2-Trade supplier.

Yes, Gregory, Inc. was about the first Trade Only Graphics supplier.

I make banners, signs, decals, cut vinyl lettering, wallpaper, backlit sign faces, and more for sign and graphics professionals. Someone just like you, dear reader. And that is why I agreed to take a big jump outside of my comfort zone and write this blog. I hope I can interest you to outsource Wholesale-2-Trade graphics from me.

I also provide Materials & Supplies distribution of brands like 3M, Orafol, Trendfilm, Mutoh, Graphtec, TransferRite and others. Not only can you get Wholesale-2-Trade graphics from Gregory, but also cut vinyl materials, digital printing media, ink, supplies, printing equipment, and tools.

I, of course, can’t do it all by myself. There is a dedicated group of people, some of which have been by my side for most of those 40 years, who make the magic happen.

At the core of Gregory, we are a group of people who are doing our best
to make other people, our customers, successful.

That is what drives all of us here.

In that spirit, future blogs will attempt to bring you ideas and information you can use to add to your success.

I’m now done with my first blog post. The fire is out. I can’t look in a mirror to see the results. You have to tell me how it all turned out.

My email is My phone is 620-960-0691.

Let me know what you think. Better yet, get in touch with me, and let my experience and understanding of your business needs make your business successful.