How We Used LX SV480mC

Written by: Mark Gregory

Pedal to the Wall 

OK, I freely admit it. I’m partial to 3M graphic materials. My bias is now on full display. Yes, there are other material producers out there that work well. Gregory, Inc. even distributes some of the other brands, so I take nothing away from them. However, Gregory is a Wholesale-2-Trade manufacturer of printed graphics, and I have had great all-around experience with products from 3M.

I want to talk about a unique 3M material used for a unique application. That material is LX/SV480mC (there are two versions LX for Latex Ink and SV for Solvent Ink).

LX/SV480mC is a printing film that contains no PVC. It is a very good vehicle wrap material, but its unique stretch characteristics make it an exceptionally good material for textured wall graphics. I’ve printed and applied full coverage walls using this material, and it looks like the image was painted on the wall.

3M LX/SV480mC is an exceptional material for textured wall application

Recently, a good customer of ours asked us to produce some large cut-out bicycle designs from 480mC. There was no printing involved, only cut white material. My customer then applied the cut graphics directly to the concrete block walls of a parking garage. 

(3M LX/SV480mC is an exceptional material for textured wall application)





(480mC can be printed on or cut to shape like in this picture)

Here is what I hope you learned from the time you have invested in reading my ramblings.

  1. 3M LX/SV480mC is an exceptional material for application to textured surfaces, both indoors and out.
  2. Gregory can produce not only your Wholesale-2-Trade printed graphics but your cut graphics as well.


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Mark Gregory