Written by: Gregory Staff

Striping For Fun & Profit

Studies show that 53.7% of the people who read this heading will read it incorrectly. It will be read as Stripping For Fun & Profit. Of that 53.7%, 26.2% will think about refinishing old furniture. The remaining 73.8% will think of...well; I think you know.

I'm talking about stripes; like what a road has down the center. The center stripe. However, my kind of stripe is made of colored adhesive-back vinyl. It can be made in an infinite combination of sizes and color combinations. It comes in rolls. It adds visual "fun" to the world, and you can sell it to your customers for a profit.

Gregory has been producing roll stripe for 38 years. A stripe consists of a single or multiple "strands" of material on a common release liner with a common application tape holding everything together. "Strands" can be all the same color or multiple colors. A "strand" can butt next to another, or there can be a specified space between each "strand". A ready to apply stripe can be as narrow as one-fourth inch, and up to forty-eight inches wide.

Striping is used to:

  • Add borders to signs
  • As window distraction strips
  • Decoration and finish equipment
  • Accent vehicles
  • Add accents on walls and buildings
  • On gas station canopies
  • As reflective safety markings

Gregory can fabricate striping to your specifications from any of the 3M, Oracal, Avery, or Flexcon adhesive back materials we offer and in any combination of colors. The most individual colors we have used on one stripe is 15 and of course, as little as one. 

Custom made Stripe is just another example of how Gregory does "Graphic Stuff Right" and it is another product you can provide your customers "For Fun and Profit"


Custom stripes created with precision for your project.

We can create the perfect striping style for you.
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