Thanks Santa


We Made The Nice List!

Santa came with an early surprise this year. Our crew here at Gregory had been wishing for something that would protect our graphics, and be cost effective in laminating. 

Automating a production step that is used often on our production floor, we are able to apply laminate efficiently for our billboards, signs, banners, fleet graphics, back-lit signs, wallcoverings and other graphics that leave our door here in Buhler, KS.  

Don't worry, we still carry the highest quality film laminates, and there are many applications where film lamination is the best answer for protecting your graphics.  Liquid finishes include; gloss, semi-gloss and matte finishes.

However, Santa knew that we had been wishing for a liquid laminator, and he answered the call.

Our liquid laminator protects your graphics from; 

  • UV exposure 
  • Moisture and weather
  • Chemical Damage and Marring 

Partner with Gregory


  • Have you had to turn down projects because your business didn’t have the capabilities? 
  • Do you struggle with managing overtime for bigger projects?
  • Do you have ideas that you want to offer to your customers but you don’t have the equipment? 
  • Are you having a hard time keeping knowledgeable and trained staff in house? 
  • Do you currently use two different vendors for material substrates and printing?

"We have advanced our production capabilities in printing and finishing by investing in new equipment that gives us ultimate quality control and additional automation in our workflows," said Dan Brace, CEO of Gregory, Inc. "We have continued to invest in our customers’ growth and are excited about the additional services we can offer. It allows us to be a true partner with our customers."