Using 3D Wallpaper to Create Depth

Written by: Gregory Staff

We are all inspired by those pinterest worthy photograph wall murals. When a designer creates an image with the perfect depth of field and perspective, it's immediately noticed. When our customer shared this with us, we knew that this was something that we had to share.

This wall mural features depth by linear perspective, the illusion of objects further away from the viewer by using lines that converge to a point. The creation of depth is critical to artwork like this.

Project Feature

This wall mural was created for a rebuild of an old building. These luxury apartments were built with the idea of preserving history.

During the rebuild process of this stately old building, an old freight elevator had to be closed off.  Our customer created a wall mural that looks like an old freight elevator to make it look as if it was still there. 

This mural designed and installed by Dahlen Sign Company for The Schurmeier Lofts

This photo was produced on 3M IJ180Cv3 with 8520 matte laminate. 



Products Used

  • 3M™ IJ180Cv3
    High performance. Stunning graphics. Try this industry favorite fleet film and you'll discover why it's the one the pros reach for to bring brands to life. A versatile 2 mil film with slideable, repositionable, med/higher tack, pressure-activated adhesive and Comply™ v3 Adhesive, with an invisible pattern and lifting resistance from channels/contours.
  • 3M™ 8520 Matte Laminate
    2 mil - Designed to provide graphic protection to all digitally printed graphics made with a compatible graphic film. Provides additional Ultraviolet and physical protection.


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