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Alumigraphics® SMOOTH PVC Free

Thickness: 16mil
Durability: 1 year
Finish: Non-Glare Satin
Adhesive Type: Pressure-Sensitive Acrylic
For use on large format digital prints: UV curable, latex and solvent...even screen printing!

Rugged aluminum foil base material conforms and holds to the texture of the surface its applied to.

High Durability - holds up to most weather conditions.

REQUIRES NO OVERLAMINATES. Aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive perfectly balances strength and tack.

Simple peel and stick installation...NO DAMAGING HEAT GUNS!

Use indoor or outdoor on brick, cinder block, stucco and other masonry materials, a great alternative to vinyl banners.

Made in the USA

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Is AlumiGraphics® simple to remove? Yes, just take a putty knife or blade to peel up a corner then pull off at an angle less than 45 degrees. AlumiGraphics® typically leaves no residue. Graphics placed on asphalt or other rough surfaces in locations where heavy vehicle traffic is present could be difficult to remove and may require power washing at a low angle to remove worn-in graphics.


Installation Instructions

Alumigraphics SMOOTH Installation

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