Thinking Outside The Box

Written by: Gregory Staff

Let's think outside the box

How 2 Products Can Change Your Sign Business

In my last blog post, I talked about 3 Ways to Revive Your Business, one of those ways was to expand your market by thinking outside the box. I gave you a couple examples in that post, but I didn’t feel like it was specific enough. So, I wanted to come back and give you the SPECIFICS.

A market to explore with actual products to spotlight.

Which brings me to my main point: RETHINK INTERIORS. Not interior signage (you’re already in that market), I’m talking about interior decor/enhancement/renovation/DIY.

Before you look at me like I’m crazy, hear me out. 3M Architectural Finishes are some of the most innovative and cost-effective ways consumers can update their outdated rooms without breaking the bank. Maybe you’ve heard of them? 

Expand Your Market By Expanding Your Thinking

Using 3M’s ever-evolving line of adhesive-backed decorative films you can now jump into the interior decor market confidently. I know what you’re thinking, "I’m a graphics supplier, not an interior decorator! Why should I care about this?”


Small businesses have been impacted hard-core by this pandemic. This would be the WORST time to close down for renovation, with DI-NOC and Fasara Architectural Films they don’t have to! These films can be installed overnight and immediately upgrade the space. The video below shows how a small bank was able to upgrade its 1980’s teller booths in just a few hours. 

And speaking of the pandemic, 3M DI-NOC and Fasara films are sustainable and easy to clean and disinfect. Making them the perfect solution for recovering doors, countertops, front desks, walls, columns, and any other high-traffic area. We have a cool resource for you if you (or your customers) care about how DI-NOC works under the pressure of Covid-19. 

Now now, I know what you’re thinking…

”Dear, Gregory, if businesses can’t afford to close down to renovate, what makes you think they can afford to renovate at all?”

Well, dear reader, I did mention these films are WAY more affordable than actual full-blown renovation. But, I understand what you’re saying. Let’s shift our focus once again. 

You know all those people finding themselves at home more than usual these days? Those people who may have more time on their hands for DIY projects? Those are your people. Spend five-minutes on Instagram and you’ll see a mom redo-ing her bathroom, or a bro wrapping his gun...why? Because, what else are they going to do?! 

DI-NOC Architectural Films have so many patterns you could apply a different pattern to every surface in your home and still have patterns to spare. People are using these flexible adhesive-backed films, like carbon fiber, to cover the interior panels of their vehicles (like this dude:, guns, and gaming units. They’re using the white marble to cover bathroom and kitchen counters, or woodgrain abrasion-resistant film for coffee tables and dressers.

I’m telling you, this market has lots of room for you. 

Now onto the wonderful world of 3M FASARA Glass Finishes. These films are probably the easiest way to elevate any space. 0-fancy in 60 seconds. Applying the Fasara films to any smooth glass surface can turn a boring meeting room into a Japanese zen space in less than 30 minutes. They provide the perfect blend of privacy and design. Plus the films are easier and less expensive than custom etched glass!

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

I’m not saying that your sign shop will make a billion dollars in revenue overnight by offering these products. I’m simply letting you know, as a Sign Shop partner with Gregory, Inc., you have the option to think outside the box. (If you’re not already a partner and you’d like to be, sign up here.) It helps me sleep at night knowing I’m giving you options to grow your business. You now have tangible resources to explore new markets. But if you find you need more help...give my friend, James, a call. His direct line is 620-200-4192, he loves chatting about this stuff.

I’ve linked a few resources below that you may find helpful as you discuss these products with your customers:

You can also call our office to talk to any of our friendly customer service reps (800-835-2221) or email to speak directly to our awesome sales team.