3M™ Changeable Window Graphic Film IJ61

IJ61 is a clear film that accepts UV, solvent or latex inkjet inks brilliantly, while unprinted areas remain optically clear, all without overlamiate.

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Avery Dennison MPI 2077 Ultra-Removable Clear

Clear vinyl film for promotional application on glass Short term, ultra-removable adhesive leaving no adhesive residue Great image clarity and pop PET liner allows for easy wet apply to windows No need to contour cut around image

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Catalina SP/CLEAR-AD® Clear, Low Tack Window Film

Widely used at most fast food restaurant chains throughout the country, Clear-AD® is a clear, flexible vinyl with a specially formulated low tack removable adhesive for easy application and removability. Some of the many uses include POP window decals, automotive window decals and temporary signage.

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Catalina SP/HI-STAT® Clear, Static Cling Window Film

Hi-STAT® static cling vinyl is a very soft, flexible vinyl in clear and white, which adheres to most clean, highly polished smooth surfaces without adhesive. Some of the many uses include window advertising, POP decals, seasonal decals, oil change labels, price stickers and vehicle advertising.

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Catalina SP/SIGN-AD® White, Low Tack Window Film

Sign-AD® is a matte white, flexible vinyl with a specially formulated low tack removable adhesive used for exterior and interior applications. Sign-Ad® is ideal for large format window based advertising and promotional applications where opacity and vivid, eye catching colors are desired.

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